Project: UBS Air Cooled Chiller Replacement & BMCS Upgrade, Chifley Tower, 2 Chifley Square, Sydney

UBS Air Cooled Chiller Replacement & BMCS Upgrade

Project:  UBS Air Cooled Chiller Replacement & BMCS Upgrade
Property Manager: Jones Lang Lasalle
Consulting Engineer: GWA Consultants Australia
Client: UBS Wealth Management
Mechanical Works:

  • Replacement of end of life chillers
  • Upgrade of BMS system
  • Pumps
Chifley Tower UBS Air Cooled Chiller Replacement

Project Description

The property required EOL replacement of air conditioning chillers across the tenancy. Challenges included that the tenancy was an investment trading floor which meant zero disruption to electrical supply and air conditioning was allowable. There was no margin for any error as the impact on the tenant if the failure occurred mid trade would be catastrophic.

We undertook a staged replacement and commissioning of associated systems, with redundancy maintained throughout.

The building management system was replaced in single cutover, achieved through an extensive pre works and planning operation which involved the following:

  • All new network cabling, field control wiring and field control devices installed after hours and tested prior to the cutover
  • New BMS panels wired, constructed and tested offsite
  • All software code rigorously tested and simulated offsite and prior to cutover.

Access to the location was minimal, which required the crane to lift machines to the only possible delivery point. The machines then needed to be broken down and carted to the assembly location, before being reassembled in their final location.

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