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Leader HVAC is a leading Sydney provider of commercial and industrial HVAC solutions.

We are an Australian, privately owned company established in 2012. Our team of experienced service technicians, project managers, and estimators, deliver quality HVAC solutions to a wide range of industries and projects.

We work in close partnership with our brother company Mechanical Duct Installations. Because of our shared ownership and pooled resources, we have control over sheet metal ductwork and grill installation crews, meaning our projects are delivered on time and on spec.

Why Choose Leader HVAC?


Clear Communication

We understand that HVAC is just one part of a complex web of trades delivering your project build.

Our team works closely with your Project Manager, Site Manager. Building Manager and Consulting Engineers to keep them informed exactly of where our project is at, where we are going and when we will be finished.

We coordinate with other trades on site to ensure a smooth build. We are easy to do business with and deliver our part of your project without hassles and dramas.

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Nimble & Responsive

Our goal is to help you quickly close out the project by delivering on spec, quality results, on time and on budget with minimal defects and minimal fuss.

We do this through ensuring a Company Director is involved in every project. This means no waiting for issues to be escalated through multiple layers of hierarchy. You get rapid decision making and fast response to issues and project scope changes.

We include regular site inspections by our senior technical team to monitor and ensure the quality of the installation. This means we quickly address issues as the project progresses rather than waiting until the end when timeframes are compressed.


We Deliver

We do whatever it takes to deliver your project on time. Whether that’s hiring in helicopters to fly in oversize equipment to your building where an additional crane would take too long for approval, or working 24/7 on a tight deadline project – we do it.

We deliver your vision and get the project done!

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Safe & Compliant

Our approach is that every incident is preventable. Our Workplace Health & Safety program is committed to eliminating the risk of injury or illness through comprehensive risk mitigation strategies.

We have clear and thorough standard operating procedures, full site risk assessments and ongoing safety training for all our team. All equipment is modern, well maintained and fully compliant with all regulations. Our WHS system is designed to comply with AS4801.2001and we are working towards certification

Quality Management

We operate and maintain a quality management system designed to comply with ISO 9001.2008 and we are currently working towards certification

Safety is not a word – it is a way of life!


Best Fit

We are not aligned to particular brands or manufacturers, which means we recommend solutions that are the best fit for purpose.

We build, maintain and repair all brands, makes and models of commercial HVAC including Temperzone, Hitachi, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric Australia, Power Pax, Pentair Southern Cross, and BAC Cooling Towers.

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We have delivered HVAC projects and maintenance across a range of sectors and property types:

Commercial & Government

High rise and multi-floor
Heritage Buildings



Mission Critical Cooling Applications

Data Centres
Process Cooling
Tenant Condenser Water Loop Upgrades

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